Hard Facts About Quitting Smoking and Nicotine Addiction

To stop smoking is not easy. But just because quitting nicotine is not easy doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Let’s start with a positive tone. You can, if you really want to. In order to quit smoking successfully, you should be aware of what you’re up against and what options you have.

Why is it so hard to stop smoking? Why is it that some people after succumb to the habit again years after quitting smoking? The answer is nicotine. Did you know that nicotine is as addictive as heroin? It is a very powerful drug that even the strongest willed person can become physically and psychologically addicted to it. This is the reason why smokers during the early stages of quitting, experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The psychological dependence is even harder to deal with after you quit. This is a continuous struggle every smoker must deal with. Being physically addicted to smoking is bad enough but it’s the psychological dependence that actually makes nicotine withdrawal agonizing.

Nicotine affects many parts of the body. These include your brain, heart and blood vessels. It even affects your hormones and your body’s metabolism, i.e., how your body absorbs and utilizes food. Compared to other drugs such as heroin taken through a vein, inhaled nicotine reaches the brain faster.Nicotine has been found in breast milk or cervical fluids of female smokers which can of course negatively affect the health and life of fetuses or newborn infants.

So how does a smoker become a nicotine addict? Your first encounter with nicotine immediately gives you pleasant feelings, which effectively suppresses unpleasant feelings. This by itself will make the smoker want to experience this pleasurable feeling again and so he smokes again. Overtime the smoker develops tolerance for nicotine and so he increases the number of cigarettes he smokes to get that same pleasant effect he is used to.

After a smoker finishes a cigarette, the amount of nicotine in his body will start to decline until it reaches a point when the pleasurable feeling begins to wear off and the smoker feels a renewed urge to light another cigarette. This cycle is repeated over and over again.

Now, how does one quit the nicotine habit? It’s very tempting to say just quit smoking. Even with all the scientific knowledge we have today about nicotine addiction, the fact remains that quitting can be a very personal thing. No two people will have exactly the same experience as regards dealing with nicotine withdrawal.

Most of those who have successfully kicked the smoking habit did so by setting a quit date. It’s usually set about a month ahead. The smoker then marks his calendar and prepares himself psychologically for the big day. And when that day arrives, he should quit and not look back.

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve smoked, it’s never too late to quit. When you do quit, regardless of which Stop Smoking Program you’ve chosen, never ever take another puff. This has been the downfall of many smokers. Regardless if you’ve quit for 20 years, it takes just one puff for nicotine to have a stranglehold on you again. Remember this the next time you feel the urge to light another cigarette.

Smoke Deter Review

Smoking is bad for your health. How many times have you heard people remind you about this? Well, there is nothing good about smoking that those who are hooked up on this habit are trying their best efforts of getting out from this vice. Eventually, this also paved the way for products to be sold and introduced that are geared towards helping people to stop smoking. One of these products is Smoke Deter. This spray in a bottle is so effective that it has worked its wonders to thousands of people from all over the world.

1. Homeopathy As The Best Therapy.

Homeopathy is nothing new in the field of medicine. In fact, they are used by some doctors as alternative medicine in treating patients of a particular disease. Smoke Deter also infuses homeopathy in such a way that it is able to prevent someone from smoking once used. What makes this different from the rest is it uses a very special blend which when sprayed will ultimately find their way in the bloodstream prompting you to let go of your cravings. All natural and safe, it can be used by anybody who is determined to say goodbye to smoking for good.

2. Stop Smoking, Start Living.

Every time a person lights a cigarette he deducts days from his life span. Smokers die young and when they do, they go through a lot of hardships. Fearing this kind of scenario, some people have already started using gums and candies that have nicotine content that stays in the mouth rather than going down to the lungs. There are also patches that you can put anywhere in your body. However, none of these products comes close to what Smoke Deter can offer. As a spray, it can be easily used anytime and anywhere. It is also very handy. No wonder, it has gained the trust of many smokers who have been satisfied with its results.

3. Lifetime Support At Our Fingertips.

Anyone who posts an order in the internet for Smoke Deter can get a lifetime membership in its online support program. Well, it is not often that you can get a deal this good. Therefore, other than paying for a lower price when you purchase Smoke Deter online, you’re also entitled to lots of freebies and discounts. Above all, you’re already paving the way towards a healthy life for your self and for your family members.

The Evolution of Smoking

Smoking has long been a practice performed by humans across many ages and cultures. It has roots in cultural traditions and has evolved into an act performed by individuals for personal enjoyment and entertainment. The way we regard smoking has changed dramatically just within the last century. It has gone from a socially acceptable activity to one with a heavily tarnished reputation. And yet many people continue to smoke and the number will probably remain steady in the years to come.

Advertisements for smoking used to appear all over the place. In the early days of television you could see them being endorsed by the biggest stars of the day. Celebrities and even cartoon characters touted their favourite brands of cigarettes for their flavor and smoothness. Ads in radio and print were also plentiful in an age when cigarettes were not believed to be physically harmful. But then something began to happen – people started to get sick. And then they started to die.

It took a long time for people to firmly connect lung cancer with smoking. Tobacco companies backed by powerful advertisers fought the notion with great intensity. Many people refused to acknowledge the connection because the truth seemed too dramatic to accept. Smokers everywhere refused to give up the habit on the basis of improved health, not to mention the fact they were already heavily addicted to their favourite cigarettes. But with time, medical evidence, undeniable statistics, and even the admissions of tobacco companies themselves, smoking was deemed to be a confirmed killer.

You will no longer see celebrities openly advertise tobacco and in fact, there are a myriad of organizations that will chastise them for even appearing in a movie where their character smokes. It has come to a point where cigarette companies are severely limited in their marketing choices. And yet some claim it does not matter as people will continue to smoke regardless. Perhaps the image of smoking has been altered, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that some people will always want to participate in the activity.